About Me

My passion is to guide individuals and teams to an understanding of their innate talents and inspire them to align their work and relationships accordingly. I utilize a myriad of proven tools and processes to deliver results that make a difference. And more quickly than you might expect!

dis·cov·er·y /disˈkəvərē/

Finding out or ascertaining something
previously unknown or unrecognized;
a making known; a revelation

We ALL have instinctual talent. Yes, ALL of us. Mine shows up as an unstoppable ability to facilitate connection with the intention of understanding myself and others at our deepest level.

I help people get un-stuck, discover their innate talents, and own their magnificence! I provide the foundational bass (or base, depending on your reference point) note for your curiosity and expansion.

Over the years, I’ve embodied this gift and decked it out with tools and practices that that have proven staying power: through my coaching, consulting, facilitation, and much more.

I’ve been a plate-spinner all of my life. Some of my tangible and varied experience includes:

  • Inspiring coaching clients in person, over the telephone, and via video connection for over nearly 14 years.
  • Spent 15+ years doing Human Resources and group facilitation work, and started a Human Resources department from scratch
  • Traveled around the U.S. and to several countries facilitating financial services project planning meetings for groups of 6 to 250 people
  • Enrollment consulting for The Hendricks Institute’s live, in-person training events for nearly 14 years
  • Coaching and managing a couple of touring singer-songwriters
  • Working in vastly different industries: telecommunications, electric/nuclear power, global financial services, hospitality, professional music, self/relationship development

My chops:

  • Certified Conscious Loving and Living Coach through The Hendricks Institute (2002)
  • Graduate of The Hendricks Institute’s 2-year Leadership and Transformation Program (LAT)and the 1-year Graduate program. (2004 and 2006, respectively)
  • Kolbe Certified™ Consultant—I’ve used this suite of talent and job assessment tools since 1996
  • BA in Management
  • Four years of intuitive development classes, study groups, and intensive practice
  • Ongoing meditation and somatic-based presencing exploration
  • Professional training and certifications: leadership development, HR-related content/skills, communications skills, productivity, group dynamics, training, and facilitation.

I am obsessively passionate about:

  • 100% responsibility — what it really means and feels like to take it
  • Creating connections between people, ideas, projects. You-name-it, I’ll draw a line between it and something else.
  • Co-creativity rocks my world. Think about this: every interaction is improv and an opportunity to co-create something.
  • Exploring wide open spaces — both the inner and outer landscapes in which we live
  • Small-venue acoustic folk, indie, roots and Americana music
  • Glacier National Park (I’ll sum it up for you in one word: GO. It’s not dubbed “Jewel of the Continent” for nothin’. )
  • Road trips that involve very few interstates
  • The one, the only Bhakti Chai from Boulder, Colorado

Niche, shmiche.

I rock out with people from all walks of life. CEOs. Entrepreneurs. Leaders. Musicians. Seekers, finders, dreamers, movers, shakers, and magic-makers.

The one thing that connects all of you? You’re ready.

Ready to break through the stuck-ness.
Ready to own your talent, claim your value, and live in your genius.
Ready for more satisfaction, ease, wonder, and connection.

When you’re ready, it’s magic. And when it’s right, you know.

Ready? Yes? Let’s play.

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